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Advantages of Wearing Braces – The Awkward Phases
9th August 2013, 06:07 PM
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Advantages of Wearing Braces – The Awkward Phases
People at some point in their lives have worn braces for variety of reasons. It is often coined as a rite of passage especially for adolescents at the so-called awkward phase. Most teenagers usually wear corrective braces especially if there are some teeth that need alignment and also for aesthetic enhancement. Even if using brace is said to have multitude of benefits; there are also advantages along the way. Here are some of them:
• Frequent visits to your orthodontist. Maintaining braces need routine visits to an orthodontist as it needs constant monitoring and adjustment such as adding up wires, tightening brace fitting, or adding up wires to your braces. There are also some unexpected nuisances with your braces that would require emergency trips to your orthodontist like for instance the wiring could go off and poke the side of your mouth and other situations which need immediate medical attention.
• Expensive. It is not cheap to have braces done; in fact it could be pricey. Cost would depend on the intricacy level of work that needs to be done with the braces and if it’s going to be worn on both or just one row. There are varied types of braces that are on the high-end slate such as Damon, traditional metal, Invisalign, and ceramic braces which range from $3,000 to $5,000. Also, dental insurance companies provide very little coverage for purchase of braces for kids; while they do not offer any type of subsidy for adult braces.
• Strict oral care. There is a need to brush your teeth and floss each time you eat unlike regular brushing of 3x a day. This is because with the use of braces, food particles can be lodged just about anywhere especially with wires around your mouth and could be a breeding site for infection. More strict oral care is definitely needed with people who wear braces.
• Inconvenient. With wearing braces, you have to be picky with the food you eat. You cannot consume sticky, hard, and chewy food such as gummy worms, nuts, taffy, hard bread and crackers, as well as licorice. This is definitely a hard adjustment especially if these are your favorite snacks and you could be shifting gears on your diet by substituting food that will be easy for consumption.
• Increased self-consciousness. Having braces like for a year of treatment seems like a long time especially when you have grown to be self-conscious of the way you smile with the braces on. This is often coined as the custom “tin grin”; and you could feel shy or embarrassed with people and would not even want to have your picture taken.
In every dental treatment or any kind of medical procedure, there would always be adjustments and repercussions that need to be dealt with. Getting braces has long-term beneficial results especially for your teeth which entail some sacrifice at first while wearing braces. The downsides of wearing braces could be well worth it in the end especially if it is for overall dental health and wellness.

We have vast experience in dental implant surgeries, various aesthetic procedures like teeth whitening, veneers and braces. Since 2001, we have been the preferred dental clinic for referrals for the international communities and medical tourists.
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