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Singapore: Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Nasal Polyps
24th August 2013, 08:00 AM
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Singapore: Early Warning Signs and Symptoms of Nasal Polyps
Nasal polyps have posed a lot of respiration problems because it can inhibit normal breathing patterns due to blockage of the nasal passages. The polyp is most often described as jelly-like in consistency.

An individual can have clusters of multiple polyps or may just start out with a single polyp. If the polyp is small, it may not cause any problem at first but when it starts to multiply and grow in size, then it can pose hazards in breathing. It may be very difficult to breathe through the nose with this condition. It is important to know the early warning signs and symptoms of nasal polyps for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment procedures to be set in place.

Many people do not easily recognize that they have this condition or could be too busy to take heed of early warning signs and symptoms of nasal polyps. Here are some of them:

• Runny nose – Allergies most often cause runny nose but it can also trigger enlargement of nasal polyps. A runny nose condition without the presence of any other associated symptoms can possibly pinpoint to nasal polyps.

• Throbbing headaches – the growing polyps can put pressure into your nasal passages which is described as dull and throbbing that is somewhat the same of sinus headache.

• Breathing thru the mouth – Whenever you have colds or nasal allergies, your nose would tend to be congested or stuffed which will result to mouth breathing. But, if there are no causes that could trigger nasal congestion, then it could highly be caused by nasal polyps.
• Stuffed nose – This could affect one or both nostrils. The feeling of stuffiness or blockage of nasal passages could be attributed to nasal polyps if there are no other trigger factors observed such as colds or nasal allergies which could render the nose congested.

• Snoring – This is most often overlooked; but recent studies show that chronic snoring is most often caused by nasal polyps.

• Sinusitis – sinus infections usually is aggravated with nasal polyps as it can become infected especially after having colds.

• Reduced sense of smell – The growing nasal polyps can alter or diminish the patient’s sense of smell due to blockage of the membranes responsible for distinguishing varied odors.

Nasal polyps can be a nuisance especially if it has grown enormous which can cause variety of breathing and sensory problems for patients. When diagnosed at an early stage, this can be treated with nasal sprays or medications which could prevent it from getting huge enough to block the nasal passages. Surgical intervention can be done for very large nasal polyps. It is important to consult a medical practitioner to or ENT specialist for such problems regarding nasal polyps especially if you notice the presence of one or two symptoms above.

Led by Prof Eu Kong Weng, our team of surgeons, including Dr Bernard Lim and Dr Julian Ong, possess vast experience in surgery for Polyps conditions, as well as Endoscopic and open techniques of colorectal surgery in Singapore.
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